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Children's scarf "Ribbon" with merino wool

Children's scarf "Ribbon" with merino wool

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Winter children's scarf "Ribbon"

Shalmuks with "Ribbon" are expressive.

Merino wool products are breathable and adapt well to body temperature, i.e. retains heat only as much as needed and does not encourage sweating. Scarves with "Ribbon" are expressive and suitable for cold weather.

  • The fabric is soft and very warm.
  • Convenient for daily use to protect ears and neck from harsh wind and cold.
  • The website offers you the highest quality winter scarves for your child.
  • You can also match a scarf to the scarf.
Vaikiškas šalmukas "Kaspinėlis" su merino vilna
  • Soft fabric that protects your child from unpleasant sensations.
  • Children's hat - scarf fits nicely on the child's head
  • Double-layer, stylish "Ribbon" scarf will complement everyone's wardrobe!
  • On this website you can also choose other models scarves-caps
  • Our products are of high quality and adapted for children, the material is soft and does not "bite".
  • Children's winter helmets are double-layered.
  • Hats-scarves are tailored according to the age of the children, but it is very important to measure the circumference of the head before buying, as the sizes may not match.
  • A wide selection of colors and sizes.
  • Shalmuk is suitable for winter, autumn, spring.
  • Shalmuk with a stylish ribbon.
  • If you have any questions, you can send us a private message.
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