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Children's summer muslin dress "Light white"

Children's summer muslin dress "Light white"

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Children's dress made of 100% cotton

Why choose muslin dresses?

Dresses are light and comfortable. Muslin is an extremely light and breathable fabric, so dresses made of it are ideal for warm weather. This makes them comfortable and not too hot even on the hottest days.

Soft and gentle. Muslin is soft and pleasant to the touch, so dresses made of it are comfortable to wear all day. The fabric is cozy and suitable even for babies.

Natural fabric composition. Muslin is often made from natural fibers such as cotton or linen. If you care about sustainability and eco-friendly choices, muslin dresses may be the right choice for you.

Looseness of dresses. Muslin dresses are often free-flowing and easy to move, offering comfort and freedom of movement. This is especially attractive in warm climates or when you want to relax.

Variety of designs. Muslin dresses are playful, bright, exclusive

Practicality and easy maintenance. Muslin dresses are usually easy to maintain and wash. Although fabric care instructions should be followed, they are generally low maintenance.

Universal. Muslin dresses can be used both for everyday wear and for special events. They can be easily combined with other clothes or accessories to achieve the desired style.

Handmade . The dresses are sewn in Lithuania and are handmade.

We send children's dresses for summer within 1-2 days

Composition: 100% cotton

Care: Wash at 40°C, do not bleach, tumble dry low or leave to dry naturally and always iron inside out.

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